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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you source antiques? +

The antiques at The Six Bells come from antique malls, estate sales and small shops around the country. We hand-pick each and every antique on trips to small towns like Berlin, OH, Junction City, KS, Ronks, PA, Creve Coeur, MO, and Irondale, AL.

How do you find new brands? +

At The Six Bells, we are proud to carry a curated collection of small, independent brands and makers from towns around the world. Our discovery process includes outreach to brands we have followed and loved, making connections to artisans who are selling in the United States for the first time and personal studio visits with domestically located brands.

Where is your store located? +

We are located at 221 Court Street in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Where does the name The Six Bells come from? +

The name The Six Bells comes from a small pub in Warborough, Oxfordshire which was the set of several episodes of our favorite British crime show Midsomer Murders.

Where is the village of Barrow’s Green? +

The Village of Barrow's Green is located in a little world far away where The Six Bells takes its inspiration. The civil parish of Barrow's Green is home to 640 residents, and has its own town newspaper. You can read more about Barrow's Green and meet some of its characters here.